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My name is Sellam El Ouahabi, and I've worked in the circus all my life.  


When I was a young boy, traveling with my first troupe, my training took place on the road with show coaches.  

I was lucky to learn from renowned artists, perform with lifelong friends, and test my skills inside the ring, every night.  

At the time, I didn't realize that my show coach was teaching me more than just tricks . . .

My coach was training my mind, as much as my body, for a career in traveling circus.  


My coaches demanded self-discipline, respect for the traditions of circus, and regard for my own health.

Beyond learning a skill or an act, my coaches taught me to strive for excellence - both in the ring, and in my life.



They taught me the love of the circus.



And that's why I founded The Sellam Circus School:  To pass on what I learned . . . to you.

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A little bit about our philosophy.

The Sellam Circus School is founded on the belief that for a circus arts student to truly excel, they must find a real connection to the culture of circus.  Poised between circus instruction and cultural anthropology, we are a training academy built upon two principles:

● Easy access to world-class, professional circus arts coaching

● Preserving and sharing the culture and traditions of traveling circus

The Sellam Circus School offers classes and workshops in circus arts for every level of experience, taught by professionals who draw upon a legacy of performance and coaching in the circus industry.  We teach all aspects of circus - from performance skills, to circus history forums, to tent maintenance and mechanics.  Our summer circus arts training programs are designed to take place inside an authentic big top tent that tours the Maine coast from June through August, connecting students throughout the State of Maine and New England to the rich and fascinating culture of circus.  In 2019, we have paused our big top programs - with a return to the tent planned for 2020!

Have tent, will travel.

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