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Introducing CircuStories:  

A Circus Storytelling adventure

We established The Sellam Circus School in 2015, with the mission to preserve, transmit, and promote the culture and traditions of the traveling circus. 


It is with great excitement that we announce the formation of our CircuStories project.  The desire to contribute to the preservation of circus culture through story is a lifelong dream of The Sellam Circus School's founders, Sellam El Ouahabi and Amity Stoddard. 

Support our first CircuStories documentary!

Help us to make this film.

You may have noticed some unusual activity in The Sellam Circus School lately:  For the past few months, a talented and passionate filmmaker has been gathering footage of Sellam El Ouahabi and his students - as well as archival photos and video of Sellam's performance years.  This is part of a project to produce a documentary about Sellam's extraordinary 40 years of life in traveling circuses around the globe.  This film promises not only to be fascinating - full of never-before seen footage and stories of Sellam and his troupe members as they commit to their dreams of becoming exceptional working artists, despite ever-present racial barriers and personal peril - but also historically vital, as the film crew travels to Morocco to document a first in Moroccan history:  The gathering of over 1,000 Moroccan acrobats in Tangier, in an effort to draw attention and support to a long-overlooked, centuries old circus culture.  And we need your help!

Visit our Facebook and Instagram pages, as we post sneak previews of "The Tanjoui Kid"!  Like what you see? Let us know!  Click "like" and leave comments - shout out to us!  Even better? Consider contributing a tax-free donation to CircuStories!  Your support will help to send our film crew to Morocco in August of 2019, to document this historic event, and gather rare footage of the elders in the Moroccan circus community, some of whom are in their 90's, and will likely be making a final pilgrimage to their home, to reunite with their brothers and sisters in the circus world.  

This may be our only chance to capture these stories . . . 

This year, we are working with a fiscal sponsor to make giving to our exciting CircuStories projects and programs easier than ever before!  We invite you to help support our first-ever CircuStories Festival, where we will also premiere "The Tanjoui Kid".  The First Annual CircuStories Festival will focus on the personal stories of circus artists, technicians and crew members of traditional and contemporary circus. The Festival will also feature circus acts by performing artists - including special performances by native Maine circus artists.

You Can Support The Sellam Circus School's CircuStories Project With A Tax-Deductible Contribution Today!

The Sellam Circus School, LLC is committed to offering the best in circus arts instruction, creating strong community relationships, and fostering awareness of the rich history of circus culture and traditions. 

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